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Welcome to Etablir!  Thank you for being on our site today.  We are extremely appreciative of all the love and support since 2011.  It's been a wonderful journey for us since then.  When I use the word us, it refers to my husband Ryan who has put a lot of his blood, sweat and tears into this business as well.  Besides my husband, there were our amazing staff at Etablir, family and friends who helped us through this entire journey.  With much love and respect, we'd like to say thank you!

On my first blog post, I decided to share the history of Etablir...

In June 2011, I decided to quit my corporate America job as an Accountant after spending 8 years in field.  I was very appreciative of the experiences I received from every company I have worked at but a part of my life felt meaningless.  My creative juices were waiting to explode the longer I worked in the corporate office.  The very same month without much thought, I went to get my business name registered along with my sellers permit.  I remember telling myself I would figure it out along the way.  All I knew was that I didn't want to spend the rest of my life as an Accountant.  So, whatever risk I took was going to be worth it.  At the time, my husband and I were also planning our own wedding at Vibiana.  We decided to only hire a day of planner and design our entire wedding.  With the venue being a former cathedral from the 1800s, I wanted to respect the elements of the space and design accordingly.  I started doing some major thrifting. Anywhere from Goodwill, Craigslist, Salvation Army, flea markets and estate sales.  I thought to myself after visiting about 20 stores that I would love to start a one stop vintage shop for brides like me who want to have a vintage inspired wedding. 

Before our wedding, I posted our centerpieces on Weddingbee and Craigslist for brides to rent for their wedding.  By the time, our wedding was over I could start renting it out to recuperate money for our wedding.  I contacted event planners, bakeries and whoever I can get my hands on to let them know I was starting a small vintage company.  At the time I had 5 things and only our wedding photos to show.  Most vendors never responded to me but some would thank me and tell me they would keep me in mind.  I had no fear, no shame and just straight drive and ambition.  I went back on Craigslist after our wedding in November and posted items for rent.  At the time, there weren't as many vintage rental companies so I had quite a bit of inquiries.  My first wedding I did was on April 28, 2012 and in 3 months I had rented out to 28 events. I encountered so much adrenaline I couldn't stop going.  My husband graciously let me use his 200 sqft office in his lighting company where I would meet my clients.  I met them there until I was able to get my own 1200 sqft space in October 2013.  

Throughout this process, I also encountered many hardships.  Like most entrepreneurs we go through many emotional roller coaster times.  I had to work side jobs to fund the business and received some funding from my husband.  It put a strain on myself and my relationship with certain people in my life.  But like Tim Gunn says "make it work".  A few times, I didn't think Etablir would make it but I kept going.  The thought of losing the business made me extremely heart broken.  I lifted my head up and kept going.  

Now on our 4th year, I am happy to say that we have made it!  My suggestion to everyone is to always love what you do whether it is being a Mom, an Artist or a Fortune Teller.  When you love what you do, you will find so much more meaning to life and love everyone else more around you.  

Today also marks the day of our (Lara Lam and I) vintage clothing line launch called LAVIENNE. We will be curating and selling vintage clothing, jewelry and details. We hope that you will love our collection as we have put our love and passion into hand selecting these pieces. Please check out and enter SHOPLVN for 20% off until 11/23/15.  

Thank you once again for being our biggest supporters!